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If you are notified that there is an update available for Teacher’s Companion PRO, it is very important that you have already made backups of your main database in the unlikely case that something goes wrong during the software update or data transfer. Your data is very valuable and you MUST have a backup procedure in place so you can revert to the latest copy at any time.


Whenever you are working with a database, it is very important to have a backup strategy just in case something goes wrong. Although it is quite unlikely that anything will go wrong, unforeseen software bugs, and software update or data transfer errors are a rare possibility.

A good backup strategy can include:

  • using a master backup strategy where a database copy is saved/overwritten on a weekly basis. This backup copy can be stored on a separate hard-drive or even on cloud-based solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • as well as having a weekly backup strategy, it is recommended to compliment this with a daily backup strategy. For example, each time you use your main database, you could save/overwrite a backup copy.

It is very easy to make backup copies of your main database file. All you need to do is copy the file and paste it inside another folder location just like you would any other file.


If you are using Teacher’s Companion PRO on an iPad and you wish to transfer backups to your desktop, the easiest way is through Apple iTunes. Using iTunes not only allows you to transfer an entire database from your iPad to your desktop, but also from your desktop to your iPad. You can even transfer other files such as media files to be used within Teacher’s Companion PRO on FileMaker Go.

The steps for transferring data using iTunes is shown below:

  1. connect your iPad to the computer with the supplied cable
  2. open iTunes and click the iPad icon shown in the top left
  3. go into Apps and scroll to the bottom where it says File Sharing
  4. select FileMaker Go and then click your database file
  5. click the Save to… button and save it on your computer somewhere


So you have backed up your database and you are ready to download the latest version of Teacher’s Companion PRO. Good news is we have made getting hold of the latest version easy.  All you need to do is go to your original file fulfillment email and then click the download link. We have set it so it automatically provides you with the latest version. Since your Teacher’s Companion PRO purchase entitles you to unlimited updates, you can always get hold of the latest version by clicking the download link.

If you are having problems trying to download the latest version, please contact us and we will assist you.


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