New Layout: Reports

The long awaited reporting section is now being worked on. This is going to be massive and we hope to improve it with future updates. The idea is to keep it simple for now, but still providing massive calculating power to number-crunch all your financial data. The design incorporates a Financials summary: Payments: including the number […]

Contacts Upgrade: Reports

We thought it would be very ideal to have a Reports section within the Contacts layout, so you can quickly see the financial information for the contact.  We understand that some things are a double-up in the Reports layout, but that is not a bad thing.  Sometimes, you may be already working in the Contacts […]

Introducing the Calendar

You cannot have a database solution to manage students and lessons without a calendar. We have been working hard to integrate a calendar that is not only easy and intuitive to use, but also complimentary to the overall design.  We are aiming to launch the new Calendar layout for the next major update. It is a breeze […]

Contacts Layout Upgrades

We have just introduced some new upgrades in the Contacts layout, which will be released with the next major update. Included in the Contact upgrades are: Invoices: now you can see all the invoices associated with the current contact. This includes the invoice number, date, invoice description, amount, and whether or not it has been paid.  You […]