We have finally launched the latest version of Teacher’s Companion, which is now sporting a new calendar, reporting section and robust upgrade module. Everything has been tested and we are confident with the release.

Calendar and Reporting

What is a database if it cannot provide you with reports, especially on your financials. This version adds a neat little reporting section that is user-friendly and straight to the point. In a similar fashion, we have made the Calendar simple to use and flexible.  For example, you can choose whether you wish to manually add tuition date/time entries via the Courses section or via the Calendar itself.  The Calendar can also be used for other snippets of information such as notes.

Upgrading made simple

We have made the solution upgradable in a nice and seamless way. In other words, if you have ever updated an Apple or Android app on your device, well we have made TC update in a similar way. It was a huge challenge, but we persevered and got there in the end. Now when you update TC, it is a matter of receiving the new FileMaker file via direct download or email from the TC website, and then opening it on your iPad. The update module then starts kicking in by backing up your existing database, and transferring the data across to the new version – no manual intervention needed.

We hope you enjoy the latest release.