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We create visually appealing and easy-to-use databases that empower you to manage your courses, courseware, lesson plans, students, attendance, grades, financials, and much more.

Teacher’s Companion

Whether you teach 1 student or 100 students, a database will help you manage everything.
Contact details, grades, reports, attendance, fees
Plan lessons in advance, keep history of each lesson
Store lesson resources (e.g. document and media files)
Don’t reinvent the wheel, reuse your lessons
Powerful and easy to use
Useful if you sell products/services
Ideal for: teachers, tutors, trainers, instructors, educators, coaches, mentors

Attendance Companion

Are your students getting frustrated with manual check-in books? Are you getting frustrated with check-in delays?
We’ve built the cleanest and fastest check-in kiosk we could think of.
Start your classes on time
Reduce risk of skipped check-ins
Powerful and easy to use
Keep the check-in within reach of your students
Ideal for: Personal Trainers (PT’s), boot camp instructors, aerobics instructors, gymnastic instructors, sports coaches, sports facilities, swimming coaches, health clubs, sports clubs, group trainers, cycling clubs, running clubs, dance studios, health clubs, martial arts clubs, pilates instructors, yoga instructors, crossfit gyms, and more.

Student's Companion

This study journal app is aimed at helping students study more efficiently and productively.
Assignments, grades, progress notes, website or YouTube links
PDF’s, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, multimedia files
E.g. studies, exams/tests, appointments, workshops
Great for collaboration on group projects
Ideal for: students, undergraduates, postgraduates, graduates, trainees, recruits, apprentices


All of our database solutions are built on the popular Claris FileMaker platform. You can download a 45-day free trial of FileMaker  which is great if you want to run and even customise any of our solutions on a Mac or Windows desktop. If you have an Apple iPad, you can open our solutions on the free Claris FileMaker Go app on the Apple App Store .

No. Since these solutions are built entirely on Claris FileMaker, you would therefore need to have Claris FileMaker installed. If you plan to edit any of our solutions, we recommend purchasing an individual license for Claris FileMaker.

We understand that database solutions are not always a one-stop shop. So with that in mind, we have kept our solutions at very low – practically app store pricing. Teacher’s Companion is only $29 USD, Attendance Companion is only $19 USD, and Student’s Companion is only $9 USD.
No. We offer a one-time charge for all of our solutions, so there are no ongoing subscriptions to worry about.
Yes. We can provide very affordable ad-hoc customisations for any of our solutions to perfectly fit your requirements. Please contact us to enquire about our customisation services.

Built on the Claris FileMaker platform

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