Teacher’s Companion

Teacher’s Companion is ideal for teachers, tutors, and instructors to manage lesson resources for lesson planning.

Teacher’s Companion

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Teacher’s Companion is 100% built on Claris FileMaker and is unlocked so you can customise the solution to your needs. 

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Built from the ground up by real teachers, this software keeps record of students and customers, courses, lesson templates, payments, invoices and more.
This solution can easily be tailored to suit your business. With its vast amount of features and flexibility, you can upload your business logo, add an invoice header and footer, and create your own tuition categories, contact types and lesson template keywords. Lesson templates allows you to reuse lesson documents, saving you countless hours of preparation time. The user interface is elegantly designed and thoughtfully intuitive with an easy learning curve. Built on the highly popular Claris FileMaker platform, Teacher’s Companion is robust, powerful and searching for records is a breeze with results returned almost instantly. Built on the hugely-popular and super-powerful FileMaker Go app, which is 100% free to download on iOS Apple App store.

Create Contacts

We have recently added storing of student attendance and grades. Keep track of your students attendance records and grading of assignments, tests, and exams. You can even use the Templates section to store assignment or exam papers and link them to the grades section for easy referral.

Fully Integrated Calendar

The Calendar layout allows you to see your teaching timetable, lesson plans, and miscellaneous calendar notes and events. Each lesson plan (i.e. lesson plan, date, start and end time) created in the Courses layout will show in the Calendar. You can also create lesson plans straight on the Calendar itself by first selecting the Course, and then adding the lesson plan details. Once created, this will show under the selected course in the Courses layout. Miscellaneous calendar notes and events are not associated with any lesson plan records and can be created straight on the calendar.

There may be times when you have many lessons booked in a day and this is where printing of lesson plans come in handy. The Calendar has a function that can collate all the lessons for the entire day including individual lesson plans so you can print or even save as a PDF.

Manage Courses & Lessons

Powerful Search Mode Teacher's Companion

Use as-is for your Teaching, Tutoring or Instructing business.  Customise it further to suit your needs – 100% completely unlocked. Purchase the latest full-featured version of Teacher’s Companion – 100% unlocked for you to customise exactly the way you want.  Suitable for people wanting to use as-is, or customise with the latest Claris FileMaker 19. Claris even provides a free 45-day trial of Claris FileMaker 19.

Need Teacher’s Companion for earlier versions of FileMaker Pro 12+ or higher?

Why not check out: Teacher’s Companion Legacy

Create & Send Invoices

Teacher's Companion Screenshots

For users, we have provided screenshots of the solution layouts below. For developers, we have also provided brief screenshots of the database structure and script screenshots. Even if you don’t require a Claris FileMaker database solution to manage students and lessons, you will definitely find many useful scripts inside Teacher’s Companion for any other Claris FileMaker development work.

Teacher’s Companion has been developed by a number of professional Claris FileMaker developers for over 10 years. You will find many extremely useful scripts inside this solution that will help you with your own Claris FileMaker developments. For example, we created a smart file upgrade script that allows the solution to self-update to a later version without losing any of the existing table data.

Important Notes:

The list below are some important notes you will need to consider before purchasing:

Re-Use Lesson Templates

100% Unlocked So You Can Modify And Add Features

This means, you can now delve under the hood of our latest version of Teacher’s Companion PRO and modify the layouts, scripts, and even the database structure. We understand that solutions off-the-shelf may not be perfect for everyone and sometimes customisation is needed to get it just right. An unlocked version allows you to:

Just consider how cost-effective it is be to pay for a solution that covers most bases of your teaching school or business, whilst having the flexibility to customise the database solution further to your exact requirements. The solution has also been optimised to work on Apple devices (i.e. iPhones and Tablets) running the free Claris FileMaker Go 19 app.

Generate Reports

Options To Suit Your Needs

Customisations And Developments

We are more than happy to help you customise or develop Teacher’s Companion further to meet your specific requirements. In fact, we may even provide developments pro gratis (i.e. for free), if we feel it would be a good addition to our Claris FileMaker marketplace of useful solutions. We would love to understand what you are trying to do with Teacher’s Companion, so why not drop us an email via our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What You Get

For your purchase, you are getting the latest Attendance Companion developer master file, which is 100% unlocked and built on the rock-solid Claris FileMaker database platform. Attendance Companion has been optimised on both the iPad running Claris FileMaker Go 19 and Mac or PC desktops running Claris FileMaker 19.

Claris FileMaker Go 19 on iPad

Claris FileMaker 19 on Mac or PC

Secured Purchase

We use a payment gateway that serves securely over HTTPS via a 256-bit encryption certificate from Symantec.