This study journal solution is aimed at helping students study more efficiently and productively.

  • Store webpage and YouTube links
  • Store and manage lesson files
  • Calendarise important dates
  • Log grades, progress notes, etc

Student’s Companion

Student’s Companion is a study journal app designed to help you remember key information; help you reflect on and understand ideas; and help you organise your learning.  Built on the FileMaker Go platform for Apple iPhones and iPads.

Would you like a super cool and simple app that allows you to:

  • Store webpage links and YouTube links
  • Store and manage your lesson files (e.g. PDF’s, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, video and audio files, and almost any file format such as .gpx for Guitar Pro)
  • Calendarise your important dates (e.g. studies, exams/tests, appointments, workshops, etc)
  • Log your grades, progress notes, and more
  • Add additional students – great for collaboration on group projects

We took our hugely popular and powerful Teacher’s Companion solution and tailored it for students.  It doesn’t matter what you are learning, Student’s Companion will help organise you and your lesson materials

Built on the hugely-popular and super-powerful FileMaker Go app, which is 100% free to download on iOS Apple App store.

Secured Purchase
We use a payment gateway that serves securely over HTTPS via a 256-bit encryption certificate from Symantec.

Features & benefits:

  • Store lesson files and resources as templates
  • Open native files and even specialised files that can be read by apps installed on your iPad/iPhone
  • Full-featured calendar with Month, Week, Day and List views
  • Add yourself as a student and record exam scores, grades, progress notes, etc
  • Add additional students for group study
  • Add levels, categories, and keywords to lesson templates for super-fast search