Teacher with iPad tablet using Teacher’s Companion for her carpentry school

Teaching in an art and craft school may sound exciting and enjoyable, but in real life, it requires some really great skills!

Managing students, courses, lessons, schedules, billings and other issues of an art and craft school is not easy at all! So, it is high time to digitalize your art and craft school, to cope up with the latest advancements of the art and craft industry. Upgrade your art and craft teaching institute with the best features and most advanced tools and technologies to suit individual needs of your business.

But before proceeding, you need to understand the importance of digitalizing your art and craft teaching business. Read on till the end to find out some incredibly great options available for digitalization of your unique Art and Craft school!

Importance of Digitalizing your Art and Craft School

To understand the importance of Digitalizing your art and craft school, first you need to consider the pros and cons of all available methods of data storage and processing in art and craft teaching business.

Pottery master instructor adding students to his iPad tablet running FileMaker Go and Teacher’s Companion


Our ancestors were accustomed to use the pen and paper method for storing and managing all data of teaching schools such as- attendance register notes, hand written lesson plans etc. Very few art and craft schools are still stuck to this conventional method. It is time to say goodbye to the age-old pen and paper method for data processing in your modern art and craft school. You might be thinking that this is the cheapest method of all. But don’t forget that this is the most inconvenient and time-consuming method too! If you are still stuck to the pen and paper method, then you are sure to get into trouble soon. This method will surely fail to cope up with the growth of your business. You might eventually end up losing your data and some precious time of your teaching career!

Teacher assisting student in her oil painting art school

Way forward

You can use excel spreadsheets to store and manage your data which is quicker than pen and paper method. Though using spreadsheet is relatively inexpensive than a customized database software, but this method is not fully flexible as well. It does not provide you easy access from where ever you are. It also does not allow easy transit of your previous works on art and craft. You don’t have the freedom of customizing it according to your needs and demands.
To make your teaching career easier and speed up the growth of your business, you will surely need a more reliable and customizable solution to store and manage all your data. Let’s focus on the reasons of using a customized database software for your art and craft teaching business.

Why do you need a software for teaching, tutoring and instructing in the Arts and Crafts industry?

Pottery and sculpture teacher using a tablet to add lesson plans for her students

Best database solutions for your art and craft school

FileMaker Pro:

FileMaker is a cross-section database solution that allows you to create and manage customized software from scratches. This is a reliable, user-friendly and highly reputed database solution software for your art craft teaching business. With FileMaker Platform, you can create an application to suit your needs even if you don’t have any experience in coding technology. It is really easy to use and a highly effective database solution.

Though you don’t need to have any prior coding knowledge but you will still need to spend some time and energy to create your own customized software from scratches. So, if you don’t want to waste your time by starting from scratches, then there is the latest, full featured version of Teacher’s Companion Pro! A ready to use software that can suit your needs perfectly!

Teachers Companion - Courses module using FileMaker Go on iPad
Teachers Companion – Courses module using FileMaker Go on iPad

Teacher’s Companion Pro:

Teacher’s Companion Pro is the ultimate database solution which is built on the FileMaker platform to save more time, money and energy. It is a ready to market solution that can assist you in every aspects of art crafts teaching. It can be customized to work according to your needs. That’s why, the best database solution for teacher’s, tutors, educators and instructors in art and craft teaching business is the 100% unlocked, full featured version of Teacher’s Companion Pro!

What are the best features of Teacher’s Companion Pro?

Teacher adding more courses into his iPad tablet for his wood working school

How to use Teacher’s Companion Pro in art and crafts teaching business:

    1. Create and manage lesson plans:
      With the latest version of Teacher’s Companion Pro, creating and managing your lesson plans will be easier and quicker than ever before!

      • If you want to make a lesson plan for your next class on arts and crafts for teens, then you can actually create one directly from the calendar menu of the Teacher’s Companion. For example, you can create a lesson plan on “how to make a sculpture” from the calendar menu. And it will be stored under the course of “arts and crafts for teens” on the course layout section.
      • To make things easier, you can use some templates such as ‘5 easiest paper crafts’ or ‘best textile crafts’ etc. and associate them with a lesson plan titled ‘fun crafts for teens.’ Save the templates from ‘fun craft for teens’ for future use. You can reuse them when you are making another lesson plan on art and crafts for teens.
      • You don’t need to give up your random ideas on miscellaneous topics anymore! Make a note as “arts and crafts ideas” and store it on the miscellaneous note section of the calendar for later use.
      • Browse your lesson plan history on Teacher’s Companion Pro to find out art and craft ideas while making a lesson plan.
      • Print an individual lesson plan or all the plans of the entire day to make things easier on a tough day with hectic schedules.
    2. Manage Courses:
      With the assistance of Teacher’s Companion Pro, art and craft course management will be an easy thing to do!

      • Add students to different courses that your organization offers for students of different age groups. For example, you can add and manage students of different ages to different courses such as- ‘DIY crafts for adults’, ‘fun crafts for teens’ and ‘crafts for kids to make’ etc.
      • Lesson plans created on the course layout section will be shown on the calendar of the Teacher’s Companion Pro. So, you can keep track of lessons of each course easily.
      • Add default date, start time and end time while making lesson plans of each courses. For example, you can add default date and time for the lessons of ‘crafts for kids to make.’
      • Make tuition categories for better management of different courses on arts and crafts.
    3. Create and manage contacts:
      Teacher’s Companion is the best platform to create and manage numerous contacts of your art and craft school.

      • You can create contacts of your students and customers on Teacher’s Companion Pro. You can also add contact types according to your needs.
      • Add phone numbers, contact address, emails, enrolled subjects etc. For example, if a kid is enrolled to a course on ‘crafts for kids to make’ then you can see the course name, address, payment details etc. on the student’s contact of Teacher’s Companion.
    4. Students Management:
      Use the latest version of Teacher’s Companion Pro for students’ contacts, courses, payments and overall student management system.

      • Keep track of students’ attendance in arts and crafts courses. For instance, you can check how many students are attending courses on ‘DIY crafts for adults.’
      • Store and manage students’ contacts, courses, payments and dues in the contact section of Teacher’s Companion.
      • Check progress report of an individual student whenever you want. You can also make student’s progress report and connect it to the associated grade sheet.
    5. Manage Payments and Billings:
      Teacher’s Companion Pro helps to save a lot of time and energy during managing payments and billings of your art and craft school.

      • Create invoices to keep track of all payments and billings without any conflicts.
      • Print invoices easily whenever you need!
    6. Schedule Management:
      Check your schedules from anywhere using your iPhone, Mac or Pc desktop and never miss an event again!

      • Keep track of your schedules and timetables with the calendar section of Teacher’s Companion.
      • Get a printed copy of your schedules and lesson plans whenever you want.
      • Keep track of special events by adding them to the calendar menu.
    7. Fulfill Special Needs:
      Teacher’s Companion can be tailored to suit the individual need of your business.

      • Add logo of your business that can be used in the database and invoices.
      • Create backup for the entire database using backup features.
      • Manage different locations, assets etc. and cope up with the growth and expansion of your business easily using Teacher’s Companion Pro.
Paper craft and fine art school embracing technology to assist teaching students

There are different sectors of arts and crafts such as drawings, paper crafts, textile crafts, fashion crafts, painting and sculpture etc. Teacher’s Companion can assist you in every sector of art and craft teaching business regardless of whether the business is large or small. So, if you want to have a hassle-free teaching career on arts and crafts, then get the full featured version of Teacher’s Companion Pro right now and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime!