Do you need a visually appealing and easy to use lesson management solution for your students?

Since teachers will have many digital resources, having a tool for managing these resources is a must. This can include: textbooks, workbooks, assessments and quizzes, and audible and visual media files, etc.

But storing these resources is only half the equation!

Teacher’s Companion allows you to create a repository of lesson templates and reuse these templates in your lesson preparation. And thanks to the power of Claris FileMaker, these resources can be found and added to a lesson plan in an instant.

Another powerful feature of Teacher’s Companion is in its Student Management. This is particularly useful for teachers and tutors that require storing things like student grades and progress to attendance and purchases of books and school equipment.

Built from the ground up by teachers, this software keeps record of students and customers, courses, lesson templates, payments, invoices and more.

This solution can easily be tailored to suit your business. With its vast amount of features and flexibility, you can upload your business logo, add an invoice header and footer, and create your own tuition categories, contact types and lesson template keywords. Lesson templates allows you to reuse lesson documents, saving you countless hours of preparation time.

The user interface is elegantly designed and thoughtfully intuitive with an easy learning curve. Built on the highly popular Claris FileMaker platform, Teacher’s Companion is robust, powerful and searching for records is a breeze with results returned almost instantly.

There are plenty of school or classroom solutions out there, but
Teacher’s Companion is ideal for teachers that needs a solution that:


Teacher’s Companion runs on a database software called Claris FileMaker 19, which is available on Mac, PC and iPad. For Mac and PC desktop users, you can get a 45-day free trial of this software, and then be able to share data with others from as little as $19 a month, or if you don’t need to share data with others, you can purchase a single Claris FileMaker Pro 19 license.


The Portable Option (Free)
If you are on a budget and you have an Apple iPad, then great news, Claris FileMaker 19 Go on iPad and iPhone is 100% free. Teacher’s Companion was designed primarily for iPad screens so teachers, tutors and instructors can use it practically anywhere.

A great idea is to register and download the 45-day free trial of the Claris FileMaker 19 desktop software, then populate your Teacher’s Companion database with all of your lesson resources and courseware, student information, etc, then transfer the database file via USB, iTunes, AirDrop or email attachment to your iPad device. It’s super easy to prepare your database on a desktop first and then transfer it to your device running Claris FileMaker 19 Go on your iPad.