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The Solution:

Teacher’s Companion is an easy to use lesson management software for teachers, tutors, and instructors. This database solution will assist you in managing your students and course material, financials, and reporting.

Teacher’s Companion is at its core a: Lesson Resources Management solution.

Since teachers will have many digital resources, having a tool for managing these resources is a must. This can include: textbooks, workbooks, assessments and quizzes, and audible and visual media files, etc.

But storing these resources is only half the equation.

Teacher’s Companion allows you to create a repository of lesson templates and reuse these templates in your lesson preparation. And thanks to the power of Claris FileMaker, these resources can be found and added to a lesson plan in an instant.

Having a solution manage lesson resources makes a lot more sense than say using a folder structure like Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive, for its speed of retrieval and being able to queue the resource to the lesson structure for the day. In fact you can even plan an entire week before hand, then have all the resources ready to go.

Another powerful feature of Teacher’s Companion is in its Student Management. This is particularly useful for teachers and tutors that require storing things like student grades and progress to attendance and purchases of books and school equipment.

Key Features: