Welcome to our ‘Companion’ solutions

Teacher’s Companion has now expanded to three companion solutions, which are:

Teacher’s Companion

Teacher’s Companion is an easy to use student and lesson management software for teachers, tutors, and instructors. This database solution will assist you in managing your student information (e.g. grades and attendance), course information (e.g. lesson planning), resource material management (e.g. storing and reusing lesson resources such as PDF’s, Word docs, media files, etc), and basic financials and reporting.  Also features an easy-to-use calendar.  Click for Teacher’s Companion

Student’s Companion

Student’s Companion allows you as a student to store everything from grades and progress notes to ALL of your learning resources such as: PDF’s, Music or Video files, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and even specialised file formats.  You can then open any of these files right on your iPad or iPhone – anywhere and anytime.  Also features an easy-to-use calendar for exam dates, assignment due dates, etc.  Click for Student’s Companion

Attendance Companion

Attendance Companion was created for lightning-fast check-ins allowing your students to start your classes on time whilst reducing skipped check-ins.  Suitable for Personal Trainers (PT’s), boot camp instructors, aerobics instructors, gymnastic instructors, sports coaches, sports facilities, swimming coaches, health clubs, sports clubs, group trainers, cycling clubs, running clubs, dance studios, health clubs, martial arts clubs, pilates instructors, yoga instructors, crossfit gyms, and more.  Click for Attendance Companion