Video of Teacher’s Companion v2.2 in use

Teacher’s Companion post version 2 is a joy to use and it is streamlining a majority of my teaching business. I especially like the storing of lesson template files so they can be exported using third-party software to do additional work such as printing work-sheets, etc. The Courses layout is a great section to create lesson plans, and […]

Courses layout looks terrible

It has been a long day and I am pulling my hair out trying to work out how to display the plan description when a lesson plan date/time is selected. I realise there is not a lot of real estate space for many portals and working with three columns whilst giving as much space to […]

Layouts changing to the new look

Changing the layout theme for an entire solution is a big job, but it needs to be done.  You will notice a few new layout icons, including: Calendar, Suppliers, Reports and Options. We have finished the Options layout with a few global fields such as an image field for your business logo, and a footer […]

New User Interface (UI)

Looking at this unattractive user interface day in and day out is starting to take its toll, so I have decided to give the entire look and feel a make-over. This is the very first design for the Contact layout and I’m liking it.      

Using v1.5 for my teaching business

Well, we are now at version 1.5 and I have been using Teacher’s Companion for my teaching business for a few months now and am starting to feel that the business processes such as lesson management, student payment and progress recording is becoming easier and much more streamlined. Take a sneak peak at the various […]

Our v1.0 is launched

We have finally finished the first stable version.  Yes, it does not look great, maybe even worse than a dog’s breakfast, but it works well and contains some useful features.        

Introducing the Templates layout

The Templates layout is designed to hold your lesson templates and courseware. This is the very first design for this layout, which currently allows you to save files attachments.    

First Beta of Teacher’s Companion (v0.1)

The very first Beta version of Teacher’s Companion has come to fruition for FileMaker Pro. Only the first two screens have been considered including the Customers layout and the Lessons layout.        

The very beginning

It is the 28th October 2010, and this is the birth date for Teacher’s Companion. A time where I decided I need a database solution for my teaching business. I found myself getting totally swamped/lost with song and document files and I felt that if only I had a database solution that could manage both my students […]