New Website is Launched

I am please to announce that the website is now finished and the Teacher’s Companion is available as a sponsored download. You may be wondering what a sponsored download is? We have called it this because like all software it is a work-in-progress that will get a lot better in time. So your purchase will go toward sponsoring the project to making it better.

To add to this model, we have created a feedback box, where you can tell us the features that you would like to see. By listening to you – our valued customer, we are creating a product that you want, and not what we think you want.

We want you to feel assured that we want to make this project bigger and better. We also want you to be a part of the project and know that you will help with decisions on where this project is headed. We will eventually make this process much better with publicly viewable discussion, but for now it is just a feedback form.

We hope you can purchase Teacher’s Companion and continue to support us with this project.

Thank You.

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