Create Contacts

  • easily create contacts for students or customers
  • add details such as phone numbers, residential and email addresses
  • add student details like age, related contacts and tuition category
  • keep record of lesson payments, as well as any purchases or rentals
  • see the courses your students are enrolled in
  • journal their progress and store lesson materials as files



Manage Courses & Lessons

  • add a single student or a large group of students to a course
  • set default course day and times to use when creating new lesson plans
  • type all your lesson plans and print out the entire schedule for the day
  • import templates, files or website links into lesson plans
  • keep track of all your lesson plan history for future lesson planning



Re-use Lesson Templates

  • import files into your template like pdf, doc, txt, xls and much more
  • open, delete, and re-save imported files
  • insert links into your template for related websites
  • assign the skill level, tuition category and keywords for your template
  • write detailed template descriptions





Create & Send Invoices

  • auto-select a contact from the Contacts section
  • when a contact is selected, contact info is automatically added
  • create invoice notes and footer (footer can be templated)
  • add services or product sales and rentals to an invoice
  • print and save invoices (Mac users can save as a PDF)
  • ability to mark invoice as paid





Options to Suit Your Needs

  • add your own contact type, which is shown in Contacts
  • create your own levels and keywords, shown in Templates
  • add your own tuition categories, shown in Contacts and Templates
  • customise the default header and footer description for Invoices
  • insert your own business logo (used in invoices and the database)
  • entire database backup feature, including last backup date
  • prepare and upgrade functionality for database software upgrading


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